igwn-alert Documentation

igwn-alert is a client for the LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA alert infrastructure that is powered by Apache Kafka. igwn-alert uses a publish-subcsribe (pubsub) model to alert users and follow-up processes to state changes in GraceDB. It is a high-level extension of the generalized hop-client pubsub tool intended as a replacement of the legacy XMPP LVAlert service.

Please visit the igwn-alert User Guide for a brief overview and starter for the igwn-alert client code and service.

Existing LVAlert Users are encouraged to read the LVAlert to igwn-alert Transition Guide to learn the latest on the rollout schedule and to see the differences between LVAlert and igwn-alert.

Users with questions can email computing-help@igwn.org. LVK members can reach out for support on the igwn-alert Mattermost channel.